Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

This Programme addressed to all those future pilots that wish to obtains the CPL (Commercial Pilot License).

The goal of the program is to prepare students to such mastery that they could act as co-pilots in multi crew aircraft, fly single crew or multi engine commercial air transport and receive commercial air transport pilot license (CPL (A) with ATPL theory) 

Program duration maximum 24 months

Before starting flight lessons, students need to cover 400 hours of classroom theoretical lessons which includes following subjects:

* Air Law 

* Aircraft General Knowledge 

* Instrumentation 

* Mass and Balance 

* Performance

* Flight Planning and Monitoring 

* Human Performance and Limitation 


* General Navigation 

* Radio Navigation 

* Operational Procedures

* Principle of Flight 

* VFR & IFR Communication (English)

Flight training consists of a minimum of 150 flight hours, where as a maximum of 10 may be taken in our FNPT 2 simulator.

If there is a request from it could be integrated Multi-Engine instrument rating training ME/IR. In this case total flight hours will be 195.