Airline and airport operations are an important part of our training.The Passenger Service Agent’s role is vital to the efficiency of airline and airport operations and they are very much in the front line of customer service.In this section of the training you will develop skills to succeed in the industry through hands-on experience.

Ready to Check-In  Computerized Check-In,Gate Handling and Airport Passenger Services.

Duration      3 Months.
Accreditation From: International Academy of Travel in IRELAND
Eligibility:     +2 above ​

This course combines classroom lessons and practical learning. You will gain in-depth knowledge of the principles and operational procedures in the airline and aviation industry.

You will get the right technical training, and also polish your personality and  learn to manage customer inquiries effectively.

Our faculty will groom you to improve self-presentation and communication skills.

  • Airport Passenger Service

  • Computerize Check-In (Lesson and  Simulator) 

  • Computerize Boarding (Lesson and  Simulator) 

  • Aviation Operations

  • Flight

  • Role play

After successful completion of this course, the candidates can work as professionals at airport in various domestic and international airlines. They can also go for a flying career after gaining some experience at ground.

We invite students who can hold their ground at all the times.


Air Ticketing and Fare Construction is a technical skill in the airline industry. The reservation system is at the heart of most airline and travel activities.

Airport Passenger Courses in Kuwait
  • Use Amadeus and  Galileo Computer Reservations System  to most  using the same information airline personnel around the nation are using.
  • Display  and interpret flight schedules, sell seats and create, modify and retrieve reservations.
  • Use the direct reference system to access information about ski conditions, ground transportation services and more.
  • Request services such as special meals and wheelchairs
  • Create and transfer passenger profile information,
  • Understand domestic and international tariff displays
  • Quote fares and corresponding rules for domestic and international itineraries,
  • Interpret flight information
  • Reserve hotel accommodations.

Introductory Amadeus and Galileo

Level 1     3 MONTHS

Advanced    Amadeus and Galileo   

Level 2     4  MONTHS

Student, Young, Old, Part-timer-Beginner, Worker looking for career change, Existing travel and tourism industry employees who wish to further develop their career or change.

High School Certificate, basic Mathematics & English language skills.

Cabin Crew Courses

This course is meant for the people who like to become Flight Attendant

Duration:    2 WEEKS FOCUSED PROGRAM              Accreditation From: International Academy of Travel In Waterford Ireland

  • Age – 18-26 years old

  • Height – 5 feet and above (Female)/ 5.5 feet and above (Male)

  • Weight in proportion to height

  • Good eyesight

  • Proficiency in English

  • No Visible Tattoos 

  • The course offers in-depth knowledge about a wide range of subjects
  • including communication skills, personality development,
  • in-flight services, safety and security, and presentation skills.
  • Language enhancement – Mechanics of grammar

  • Language enhancement – Phonetics and ESL

  • Persona management

  • Inflight service

  • Inflight safety and security

  • Soft skills

  • Presentation and communication skill

The course based on theory and practical training in Ireland which includes:

Operating the aircraft doors in normal and emergency operation, full emergency evacuation from crew seat, use of commands and drill for passenger evacuation from a main door.

Duration :     150 Hours                                              Accreditation : International Academy of Travel

  • Eligibility:   +2 above 

  • General

  • Security

  • Safety and Emergency Equipment on Board

  • Daily duties and responsibility

  • Aviation First Aid

  • Instructor-led Training
  • Online Interactive Training


This course is meant for the people who like to become Flight Attendant.The liberation of the skies   has thrown open a lot of job opportunities in this field. Many  young  people opt for cabin crew as a   full-fledged career prospect because of the high salaries, exciting experience of flying and   interacting with different kinds of people on board and visiting several countries. This profession   requires lot of   hard work, commitment, smartness and total dedication.

This  course will give you an all information and tools you will need to succeed with programs   designed to meet the training needs for airlines or individuals hoping to achieve their dreams of   flying  for an airline.

As a cabin crew member, you will ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during an airline   flight.You will also be responsible for briefing the passengers on safety standards specific to the   aircraft in a safety demonstration.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.