Flight Dispatcher Course

The course provides trainees with in-depth knowledge of the duties of a flight dispatcher. In cooperation with the pilot, flight dispatchers furnish a flight plan that enables the aircraft to arrive at its destination on schedule and at the lowest operating cost. Flight dispatchers study a variety of theoretical of subjects including traffic flow, meteorology, weight and balance, fuel, alternate destinations and operation procedure including flight planning, navigation and communications.

Duration: 4 – 8 Months

Enrollment Requirements

An applicate for flight dispatcher certificate shall be at least 20 years of age have a functional knowledge of the English language ; have a medical fitness for duty ; Have a minimum educational level of successful completion of high school ( 10 years of schooling or more) 

Program structure 

Before starting flight lessons, students need to cover 296 hours of theoretical lessons which includes following subjects: Civil air law and regulations aviation in doctrination aircraft mass ( weight ) and performance navigation air traffic management meteorology mass ( weight ) and balance control Dangerous goods Flight planning human fators security ( emergencies and abnormal situations )